Rock work 

Working from memory of the Texas-Mexico border, I combine materials such as spices, rocks, dirt, natural dyes and woven techniques intuitively. Woven and knotted thread functions as a metaphor for the tension that is associated with the region and the tension that is needed to create a woven structure. Natural materials are chosen for their cultural relevance and their ability to transport the viewer to the landscape of the border region. Spices create the smells of a Mexican-American home; whereas rocks and cacti represent concepts of cultural identity in relationship to place. The shape of the Rio Grande River is a strong symbol that is continually included in my installations. The use of ethereal materials such as sand, paper, and fishing-line are used to create lyrical lines that emphasize the fragile nature of the river’s dividing path. With the combination of these materials, I create ambiguous spaces that highlight a sense of poetic duality with an underlying feeling of connectedness.  .